Panels, Tabletop and Electronic Gaming, and other activities.  Schedule coming soon!



11:00 What the Fan Boy
A podcast about everything movies, comics, and video games.

12:00 Midnight Supernova

Dance Performance

1:00 Glitch~Play
Come learn and experience a little of the world of Vocaloids! Miku, Len, Kaito, and Meiko are jumping out of your Wi-Fi to give you some info about what Vocaloids are and doing some dancing for your entertainment!

2:00 Danganronpa Panel
Discussion of the video game/anime/manga franchise.

3:00 Major Impact Stunt Team
Martial Arts Demonstration

4:30 Costume Contest
This is it, the moment you've been waiting for. The months of preparations since you started crafting and sewing and gluing and foaming and painting and molding... (or since you got up this morning and decided to throw together a costume) THE COSPLAY CONTEST!!! All of your hard work will finally pay off (as long as you followed the rules and registered and showed up for the prejudging) as you get to walk across the stage and do your pose and show Wichita how cool your costume is! Good luck, you're going to need it because the cosplayers at Air Capital always bring their A Game!!


12:00 Astra Idols
Astra Idols is an upcoming Kansas-based idol group, formed around a love for idols and especially Love Live. Come see our mini live, as we perform a few fan favorites, introduce a small skit, and answer questions from you all! Come share in our love of music!

1:00 IA idols
Dance Performance

2:00 Major Impact Stunt Team
Martial Arts Demonstration

3:30 Group Costume Contest
Were you here yesterday? Did you compete in the cosplay contest? If so this is the same thing except I hope you have a friend or made a friend who made a costume because this is a group cosplay only! Same awesome stuff going on as yesterday but possibly better because there is going to be more people and more costumes!! This is what you live for so we thought we'd give you another chance to dress up and show off your costumes! Good Luck!

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