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Saturday 11-11-17

Watchama Call It?
Join author J.B. Wells for an interactive workshop that will challenge your memory, your five senses and your vocabulary. Let us embark on a descriptive adventure aiding you with the trials of finding the right words you cannot grasp during the writing process. Please bring paper and writing utensils.

Art Class 101
Join artist Kelly H. Carson as he walks you through the basics of drawing. Don't worry about bringing any supplies we've got you covered. Just bring yourself and a friend and have some fun creating!

Spotlight On David Gallaher And Steve Ellis
Join The creative force that is Gallaher and Ellis for a chance to listen and chat with a great artist and writer team. They were pioneers of digital comics with Box 13 and High Moon for Zuda comics. They have worked on DC comics together and also collaborated on the series The Only Living Boy for
Papercutz. They are returning to their High Moon series and we are glad to have them at Air Cap!

Creating Comics
Although we all love Superman, Batman and Spider-Man there's more than just Marvel, DC and Image comics out there. Come take a leap into some great comics with creators Alexis Zirrit, Buster Moody, Matt Allison and Kelly Williams who are four comic creators whose names you should know, from
space pirates to rad squads to cankors to horror comics these four creators bring their own flavor to comics! If you love great comics and have never heard of these guys then come listen to them talk about their favorite thing in the world... Comics!

Novel Writing
Have you ever wanted to write a novel or maybe just a short story? This is your chance to chat with Dakota Caldwell, Tamara Grantham, A R Crebs and Susanne Lambdin who have done just that! These are some great writers who do just that... Write! Come listen to them talk about the trials and
tribulations of sitting down and putting your ideas in your head onto the page or computer screen.

Sunday 11-12-17

Cosplay 101 To The Nth Power
Do you love cosplay? Did you compete in the cosplay contest yesterday? Are you entering the group cosplay later today? Have you heard about cosplay but don't know how to get started? Come join Trevor The Asguardian, The Children Of Proteus, Average Asian Cosplay and Triple Diamond Cosplay for this Q&A all things cosplay. These are people who know what they are doing and have been doing it well for some time so come pick their brains (no ice picks allowed) we just meant bask in their
knowledge of this great fandom.

Marvel Majority
Do you like Moon Knight, Deadpool, Dr. Strange or The Guardians Of The Galaxy? If you said yes to
any of these then you'll probably want to come meet Greg Smallwood, John Lucas, Kevin Nowlan and
Aaron Conley. Why? Because these artists have worked on these characters. They have worked for the
house of ideas and know their way around a pencil and a blank comic book page. If you have questions
about working for marvel or just questions in general about their craft then come listen to these
awesome creators!

The Paleontology Of Godzilla
Hosted by Denny Roth and Ian Trevethan. Do you like giant monsters?What about the king of the
monsters? Come join paleontologists Denny Roth and Ian Trevethan of the Sternberg Museun of
Natural History as they take on the King himself. If Godzilla existed, what can we tell about him from
the various appearances, what biological conditions must be met for him to survive as he does? Get an
inside look into the Monster King!

Comic Book Writing
Do you want to write the next big Image title or get a gig writing the X-Men? Well attending this panel
won't guarantee that but if you want to meet and ask questions about comic book writing then these
three know what they are talking about. Come meet a knucklehead, a hawaiian dick and someone who
is chasing Hitler, of course we are talking about Brian Winkeler, B. Clay Moore and Hayley Nitz and
pick their brains (still no ice picks allowed) sorry that joke was so good we had to use it twice. These
writers are working in the industry and know how to get stuff done. Enjoy their stories or ask as many
questions as you want!

Main Stage

There will be a variety of gaming included with your price of admission.  Including board and video gaming for all ages.

Hosted by Nerd Barrage

Saturday 11-11- 17

Come join podcasters and panelists Little Beard, Good Ash and Robbin Banks as they do their weekly podcast at Air Capital Comic Con! It's a podcast dedicated to the convention world and is full of discussions about conventions and pop culture. Listen to them share their stories, views and insights and be a part of their live studio audience, the “Not so Silent Majority”!

Dating Game Hosted By Anime Angel Cosplay
Come join Anime Angel for a fun goofy game and win a fake date!

4:30- ??
Cosplay Contest
This is it, the moment you've been waiting for. The months of preparations since you started crafting and sewing and gluing and foaming and painting and molding... (or since you got up this morning and decided to throw together a costume) THE COSPLAY CONTEST!!! All of your hard work will finally pay off (as long as you followed the rules and registered and showed up for the prejudging) as you get
to walk across the stage and do your pose and show Wichita how cool your costume is! Good luck, you're going to need it because the cosplayers at Air Capital always bring their A Game!!

Sunday 11-12- 17

The Scallywags Pirate Comedy Show
You know em, you love em and if you don't you're gonna know em and you're gonna love em. Come see one of the longest running Pirate Acts in the U.S. The group does stage acts, sword fighting, improv comedy and more!

Captain Spaulding and The World Famous Chicken
Music and Fun!!

Group Cosplay Contest
Were you here yesterday? Did you compete in the cosplay contest? If so this is the same thing except I hope you have a friend or made a friend who made a costume because this is a group cosplay only!  Same awesome stuff going on as yesterday but possibly better because there is going to be more people and more costumes!! This is what you live for so we thought we'd give you another chance to dress up
and show off your costumes! Good Luck!